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Local entrepreneur’s license revoked following investigation 13

LAS VEGAS, NV (KTNV) – Local entrepreneur 13 Investigation exposed for promptly suing own clients has just lost his license.

13 Investigates has this major update on the man who left people worried about losing their homes.

“Basically my whole house was demolished, two bathrooms, the kitchen,” one owner said. “It’s been pretty much a nightmare.”

A similar nightmare that many homeowners have shared with 13 Rooter-Man Plumbing and Bolmer Restoration Investigations. Both companies are owned by Eduardo Arredondo.

He was not present Friday morning at the Nevada State Board of Contractors hearing where he faced more than 100 violations, including fraudulent or deceptive acts, breach of contract, offers beyond the scope of the license and abandonment.

“We recommend, first and foremost, that all of these licenses in this case, the four licenses,” said counsel for the Council, Louis Ling. “That they would be removed immediately. That is, from today.”

The Contractors Commission imposed the following fines for a total of $ 852,015:

  • Bolmer fine: $ 663,550;
  • Rooterman’s fine: $ 112,750;
  • Commission investigation costs: $ 75,715

Arredondo and other key employees are prohibited from applying for a new contractor’s license until such fines are paid in full.

Administrative judge Philip Pro formalized it.

“So your motion is granted, Mr. Ling, for the default judgment,” Pro said. “I would ask you to prepare the necessary purchase order for my signature and I will execute it upon receipt.”

Mr. Ling also told the hearing that cases like this are exactly what the disciplinary process is designed for.

However, the homeowners we spoke to felt the system failed in not preventing so much damage to so many homeowners. Several owners tell us that they have filed complaints against Bolmer but felt that these complaints were not taken seriously.

Mr. Ling provided the following response to these concerns:

“Due process and thorough investigations take time. Each consumer’s complaint should be and will be investigated on their own merits. When multiple complaints are received against a single contractor, they may be consolidated for the purpose of prosecution, but this necessarily means that all complaints must be fully and fairly investigated before the indictment document can be prepared. . An additional complication in this case is that once a bankruptcy has been filed, certain aspects of the administrative proceeding become subject to the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court, which necessarily adds time to the eventual hearing. The outcome for a consumer is always better if they use a licensed contractor, even though the Board’s processes take the time necessary to ensure that we do our jobs fairly, fully and within the law. .

The default judgment means that homeowners can go ahead with claims from the Council of Contractors Residential Recovery Fund (RIF).

It is important to note that the money for the RRF comes from all licensed Nevada contractors. So even though Arredondo has filed for bankruptcy with its parent company and may not be able to pay these fines, there may still be some help for homeowners.

The Commission tells us that it will try to deal with complaints as quickly as possible and that it wants to ensure that it receives all possible complaints as there is a statutory cap on the RRF. Any owner who believes they have suffered financial loss can file a claim. Click here for more information on Residential Recovery Funds. Or call (702) 486-1100.

The Commission also indicates that each claim will be the subject of an individual investigation in order to determine the admissibility and the financial loss. And they point out the following state law:

According to NRS 624.510 (3) (a) “If the Council or its representative determines that an injured person is eligible for recovery from the account in accordance with this section or NRS 624.490, the Council or its representative may pay into the account : the amount of the actual damage suffered, but not exceeding $ 40,000 ”. According to NRS 624.510 (7) “the amount of account recovery based on claims made against a single contractor shall not exceed $ 750,000 or 20% of the account balance, as determined on the date the Council approves the payment of all claims, whichever is less. ” [Note: It should be noted that if the Board investigations validate awards that have a combined award amount greater than the statutory limit (NRS 624.510(7), the award issued may be reduced to be compliant with the statutory cap.]

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