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Jammu-Akhnoor NHIDCL Road Project Places Subcontractor Company On Negative List For Poor Performance

ByDeborah C. Lowery

Aug 17, 2021

Jammu: National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited has placed M / s Tarmat Ltd., (“EPC contractor”) on the Authority’s negative list for failing to meet agreed targets and poor progress of work on the road project Jammu-Akhnoor, according to an official statement. .

“In view of the unprofessional attitude of the EPC contractor towards its obligations in accordance with the provisions of the contractual agreement and the failure to meet the agreed objectives and the continued slowness and slowness of the works, NHIDCL places M / s Tarmat Ltd., on the Authority’s “negative list” for a period of 01 (one) year from the date of issue of this order or until it reaches milestone III, whichever comes first. contingency, ”said an order issued by the company.

Jammu Division Commissioner Dr Raghav Langer, who is closely monitoring the pace of work on the project, has warned the contracting company of additional measures if it does not achieve the desired results. He said that according to the instructions of the office of the lieutenant governor, all development projects must be accelerated and a nonchalant approach will not be tolerated.

An order issued in this regard stated that M / s Tarmat Ltd had signed an EPC agreement on 07.06.2019 for the works of “4-lane upgrade with paved shoulder of the Jammu-Akhnoor road section of NH-144A of Ganesh Vihar (Km 6.000) to Khati Chowk (Km 26.350) of 20.350 Km in length in UT of Jammu and Kashmir to be executed on the basis of EPC (Package-Ill) “at the contract price of Rs.193.99 Cr., With a construction period of 24 months from the Date of Appointment, i.e. 12.07.2019 on the terms, conditions and commitments contained in the Contractual Agreement which are in force and remain in effect force.

The Authority, in fulfilling its obligations handed over the required sections of the project highway to the EPC contractor in accordance with the essential terms and conditions of the contractual agreement, the EPC contractor was obliged to undertake the investigation, investigation, design, engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of the project and observe, fulfill and comply with and perform its obligations set out in this contractual agreement and, in addition, follow the The contractual agreement and the obligations stipulated therein in all adherence, diligence and sincerity.

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