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how to search for a contractor’s license


Jan Haley lives in South Fort Myers for the scenery and the way of life.

“I love the weather, I love the beautiful flowers,” Haley said.

But she knows that with the tropical climate, hurricanes come. That’s why replacing its broken hurricane shutter was important. She said she called the FLA Hurricane Protection LLC to do the job.

“They went out and… [I] decided to go with the bifurcated shutter, ”Haley said.

Haley showed us a payment to owner Devin Dobbins for $ 900 or fifty percent of the work. But, Dobbins didn’t deliver. Haley says she called him and texted him, but the apology was the only thing she got.

“I tried to take care of it myself,” Haley said. “But I am very happy that you guys [WINK News] help.

To install hurricane shutters, a person must either be the owner of the home with the proper permits and drawings, or have a license, which Dobbins does not have.

The “license” number that he displayed on his business card is an identification number related to his LLC or business. This information does not indicate whether or not a person is qualified to do a job.

Through court records, we found two other people who shared an experience similar to Haley’s. They both filed civil lawsuits with claims totaling $ 4,785.00; one is pending and the other has a judgment against Dobbins.

While Dobbins declined an interview on camera, he told us over the phone that he made a mistake and was sorry. He added that Haley will receive her check in the last week of August and the other two will receive their money in monthly installments. WINK News will provide an update if this occurs.

“If the storms come, I’ll need it [the money]”said Haley.

Where to find the information

Before hiring someone, consumers need to know if the person needs a license to do the job and who owns it. Some are issued at the state level, while others can be certified locally.

When it comes to hurricane shutters, it can be both.

For example, Collier County told WINK that a variety of licenses would qualify someone to do this job. They include a general contractor, a building contractor, a residential contractor, an aluminum or aluminum specialty contractor, and a hurricane shutter / awning contractor.

In Charlotte County, licenses that can revoke this type of permit include certified building, certified building, certified general building, certified residential structure, certified specialty structure, registered building, registered general building, building registered residential and local aluminum.

To verify a public contractor, you can search for a license holder on the Department of Business and Professional Regulation website. Information on closed complaints can also be displayed here.

To verify a local contractor, you can either call the city or county office or search online.

Lee County Contractor License
[email protected]

Charlotte County Contractors License
[email protected]

Collier County Contractor License
(239) 252-2431
[email protected]

Cape Coral Contractor License
(239) 574-0430
[email protected]

Lawsuits, like those found by WINK, can be found on the county clerk’s websites:

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