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How a Chinese Company Is Involved in Unauthorized Dhanusha Excavations

ByDeborah C. Lowery

Feb 24, 2022

How a Chinese Company Is Involved in Unauthorized Dhanusha Excavations

JANAKPURDHAM: The Dhanusha District Coordinating Committee (DCC) has started releasing the vehicles of Chinese contractors involved in rock and ballast mining in the Kamala River after issuing fines.

Police had seized seven dump trucks and an excavator while carrying out unauthorized excavations in the Kamala River in Ganeshman Charnath-5 municipality on February 13.

A team from the Dhalkewar area police bureau had seized the vehicles and equipment after the Chinese company China Railway No. 2 Engineering Group, which had won a contract to build a four-lane road on the east-west highway, had dug stones and ballast. in the Kamala River. The drivers had fled.

Trucks used to transport sand and gravel.

Dhanusha police had sent a team to the district coordination committee to take necessary action against those involved in the illegal excavations.

The committee released an excavator with a fine of Rs 30,000. Committee chairman Ramdev Banarait told Khabarhub, “On Wednesday they (Gadibala’s party) deposited Rs 30,000 and released the excavator.” The other seven dumpsters have not yet been released. He specifies that the dumpsters will be released once with a fine of Rs 20,000.

The chairman of the committee, Banarait, said, “We released the vehicles and equipment involved in the excavation work by taking the fine twice.” If we are found involved in the excavations for the third time, we will take action. ‘

dig site

The company piles stones and ballast taken from Kamala in the Karjanha yard in Siraha. The company had been extracting sand and ballast from the machine for about four days. In the evening the sand and ballast were removed by placing a machine in the river.

Meanwhile, the Chinese contractor had increased the pressure on the Dhanusha police through the people’s representatives to release the dump truck and the excavator. Gyanu Shrestha, deputy mayor of Karjanha municipality, said she gave permission to dig and lobby to release the vehicle.

The company has won a contract to extend an 87 km long stretch in eastern Nepal, which forms part of the 1,028 km east-west highway that crosses the southern plain of Nepal.

The road will be extended to four dedicated lanes as well as two service lanes in urban centers from the current two lanes, according to the Department of Highways.

Neighborhood residents.

“The Chinese company has mobilized the resources to the project site from the end of November,” Deepak Shrestha, project manager at the Projects Branch (Asian Development Bank) of the Roads Department, told Xinhua on Sunday.

This section of road is being extended with funding from the Asian Development Bank.

In March last year, another Chinese company, China Construction Seventh Engineering Division, started work on a 113-kilometre road expansion project in southwestern Nepal, which falls under the East- Where is.

Trucks used by the construction company.

Almost all major highways in Nepal have only two lanes without dividers and the government of Nepal aims to expand them to four lanes in the coming years.

The east-west highway linking Mechi district in the east and Kanchanpur district in the west was constructed in 1961.

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