• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Glendale Home Construction Company Recognized by EPA for Energy Efficiency | New

A West Valley company is nationally recognized for its commitment to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency.

AZ Energy Efficient Home, based in Glendale, has been selected by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the recipient of the 2016 EnergyStar Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Out of 16,000 EnergyStar contractors at Across the country, AZ Energy Efficient Home is one of six to win the prestigious award.

Company founder and CEO Jonathan Waterworth received the award at a special ceremony in Washington, DC where the company was honored for its pioneering advances in the efficient use of energy and its leadership. in the industry through the use of new technologies that are impacting Arizona homes.

“We are committed to protecting the environment by being the best possible steward of energy resources,” said Jonathan Waterworth, President and CEO of AZ Energy Efficient Home (AZEEH). “It is a huge honor to be recognized at the highest level for our contribution to global energy efficiency and climate protection,” he said.

AZEEH receives EnergyStar Entrepreneur of the Year recognition for distinguished performance from HPwES. The company was honored for its pioneering role in many technological advances that help protect our climate by making energy use more efficient. AZEEH is among the first in the country to adapt the XML Home Performance (HPXML) data standard and has participated in several user acceptance testing initiatives for the Arizona public service.

For more information on AZ Energy Efficient Home, visit www.azenergyefficienthome.com, or call 623-581-5298.

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