• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Concrete company loses contractor’s license for giving up work

HOLLADAY, Utah – IIf you pay a contractor to do a job, you expect them to do it.

In October, KSL investigators reported that a concrete contractor was accused of taking money from customers but not completing the work.

Since then more frustrated customers have come forward and now the state has revoked the contractor’s license.

“He didn’t make that sidewalk and that sidewalk,” said John Sturr.

Sturr and his neighbors in Holladay hired AM / PM Concrete to pour new driveways and sidewalks.

The work was only partially done.

“He was supposed to do our job after we paid him, and he didn’t,” he said.

Sturr said since September there have been missed appointments after missed appointments.

The group of neighbors asked for a refund.

“His answer is, ‘I’ll pay you back. I’ll be there on Wednesday, ”Sturr explained. “Then Wednesday comes, and it’s’ I’ll be over next week. “”

Sturr’s frustration with AM / PM Concrete is not unique.

Last month we told you about Brandon Young in Orem, who is also fighting AM / PM for a refund.

What to do if your contractor doesn’t finish the job

None of the concrete he paid for was poured.

KSL investigators have heard others echo the same frustrations, as have state regulators.

In October, the Utah Consumer Protection Division AM / PM cited on the basis of two complaints. You are not allowed to take the money and then not finish the job without paying back in a timely manner.

Now, state licensing officials have revoked AM / PM’s contractor’s license based on 12 different complaints.

AM / PM Concrete declined to speak to KSL investigators on camera, but a company representative explained in an email.

AM / PM said he “never wanted to take anyone’s money and run away”.

The problems stem from a combination of “unorganized”, “a lot of personal problems” and a “concrete shortage” that has left the company behind.

As to when AM / PM customers can expect a completed job or a refund, that’s difficult, the company representative said.

“Without a license, the work cannot continue. Without work there is no money. So in the end, nobody wins, ”the email read.

“Never pay up front,” said Sturr, who, for his part, got a refund.

He said after KSL investigators called AM / PM Concrete, the owner showed up and hand delivered a check for $ 3,200.

AM / PM Concrete stated that they recognized their communication with customers as “poor”. And they invite rejected customers to send an email saying, “If there’s anything I can do. “

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