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Bellevue owner’s project halted after inspection found contractor’s license and permits not in order

ByDeborah C. Lowery

Mar 3, 2022

BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) – Laurie States wanted a bigger kitchen in her Bellevue home that would also help her with her classes at Omaha Street School.

Work began and she, along with her husband, paid Royal Construction $42,000, much of the cost of the renovation.

However, the work must now stop. Bellevue’s chief building inspector said a stop work order will be issued for the project as contractor Chad Trout of Royal Construction is not licensed for the work and has not obtained multiple permits required.

“By not taking the permits away, the law was broken and it just broke that trust,” Laurie said.

The house has a modern tankless water heater and the owner has been using it for months. But there is no label or permit indicating that it is safe to operate.

Trout told Laurie, “Yeah, I should have gotten the permits and I always intended to get them, but it has nothing to do with build ability and quality.”

David Benson of Superior Home Improvement and founding member of a local renovators association verified the work already done. He said there is a window that needs to be removed and lowered to bring it up to code. There is also a loose plank and a missing firewall that would prevent flames from entering a soffit.

In the contract, Royal Construction promises to acquire the relevant building permits.

“I know you can probably pull a silly ‘well, I said I would but I didn’t say when.’ But I still expect them to pull the permits before work begins,” said owner Dennis States.

The states filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

“Obviously we’re concerned that a permit hasn’t been taken down and we want to know why that hasn’t happened and we’re awaiting the company’s response,” said Better’s Jim Hegarty. Business Office.

Bellevue’s chief building inspector says the law requires a permit to be obtained before any renovations.

“As a landlord, I’ve learned that before a single nail is driven, I apply for the permit,” Laurie said.

Calls to Royal Construction numbers result in full voicemail boxes. The company did not respond to text messages and emails. The contractor is licensed in Omaha and has obtained permits for several works.

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