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After losing his contractor’s license, the man changed his name and obtained another license. Now he faces fraud charges. | Crime News

Robert Seehausen Jr. and Frances Seehausen sued Hubbard in 2015 over allegations that he violated the renovation contract and failed to pay subcontractors. A default judgment against Hubbard was entered for $ 32,196.

Three different licenses

The NC Licensing Board for General Contractors Consent Order lists a number of complaints across three different licenses that Hubbard obtained through one of its companies, Hubbard and Reynolds. The first two involved licenses that limited his work to construction projects costing up to $ 500,000. The license he obtained as Reynolds allowed him to work on any construction project, according to Sullivan, director of complaints for the licensing board.

Hubbard first obtained a limited business license under America’s Home Advantage, where he registered as President and CEO, on June 10, 2004. Less than a year later, a lawsuit was filed against the company. . The consent order does not provide details of the subject matter of the complaint. However, Hubbard voluntarily relinquished his contractor’s license in July 2005, pursuant to the consent order.

Two years later, Hubbard applied for a limited general contractor license. This license was issued to him in September 2007. His license was renewed each year between 2008 and 2015, in accordance with the consent ordinance.

But his time as a general contractor under this license was not without complaints. Two months after receiving his license in 2007, the board received a complaint alleging that Hubbard had failed to pass judgment. The licensing board dismissed the complaint but warned Hubbard to disclose all privileges, judgments and lawsuits in its annual renewal applications, in accordance with the consent order.

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